Kinga Makovi




Perception, performance, and detectability of conversational artificial intelligence across 32 university courses
Hazem Ibrahim et al
Scientific Reports

Trust within human-machine collectives depends on the perceived consensus about cooperative norms
Kinga Makovi, Anahit Sargsyan, Wendi Li, Jean-François Bonnefon and Talal Rahwan
Nature Communications

Politics, not vulnerability: Republicans discriminated against Chinese-born Americans throughout the COVID-19 pandemic
Maria Abascal, Kinga Makovi and Yao Xu
Journal of Race, Ethnicity and Politics

Non-transformative climate policy options decrease conservative support for renewable energy in the US  
Thomas Marlow and Kinga Makovi
Environmental Research Letters

Segregated mobility patterns amplify neighborhood disparities in the spread of COVID-19 
Andras Gyorgy, Thomas Marlow, Bruno Abrahao and Kinga Makovi
Network Science


The effects of ideological value framing and symbolic racism on pro-environmental behavior 
Kinga Makovi* and Hannah Kasak-Gliboff*
Scientific Reports
*equal contribution

Neighborhood isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic
Thomas Marlow, Kinga Makovi and Bruno Abrahao
Sociological Science

Web of lies: a tool for determining the limits of verification in preventing the spread of false information on networks
Kinga Makovi* and Manu Munoz*
Scientific Reports
*equal contribution

Unequal treatment toward copartisans verus non-copartisans is reduced when partisanship can be falsified
Maria Abascal,* Kinga Makovi* and Anahit Sargsyan
*equal contribution


The impact of COVID-19 on gender inequality in the labor market and gender role attitudes
Malte Reichelt, Kinga Makovi and Anahit Sargsyan
European Societies


Signatures of social structure: Petitioning for the abolition of the slave trade in Manchester*
Kinga Makovi
Social Science History
*Winner of the Founders Prize for the best article in Volume 43


The course of law: State intervention in Southern lynch mob violence 1882–1930
Kinga Makovi, Ryan Hagen and Peter Bearman
Sociological Science


The population level impacts of differential fertility behavior of parents of children with autism
Kinga Makovi, Alix Winter, Ka-Yuet Liu and Peter Bearman
Sociological Science


The influence of political dynamics on Southern lynch mob formation and lethality
Ryan Hagen, Kinga Makovi and Peter Bearman
Social Forces


Prediction of emerging technologies based on analysis of the US patent citation network
Peter Erdi, Kinga Makovi, Zoltan Somogyvari, Katherine Strandburg, Jan Tobochnik, Peter Volf and Laszlo Zalanyi

In Progress

Challenges in the distribution of antimicrobial medications in community dispensaries in Accra Ghana 
Hannah Camille Greene, Kinga Makovi, Rafiatu Abdul-Mumin, Akhil Bansal and Jemima Frompong
Revise and Resubmit in PLOS ONE

Contested membership: Experimental evidence on the treatment of return migrants to mainland China during the COVID-19 pandemic
Yao Xu, Abigail Coplin, Phi H. Su and Kinga Makovi
Revise and Resubmit in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies