Kinga Makovi


Senior theses at NYUAD

Class of 2023

Climate narratives in Chinese and US newspapers: Reaching climate neutrality goals
Mia Landeck

Class of 2022

Vaccine diplomacy and sentiment improvement: Evidence from Kenya and South Africa
Koki Ajiri

A False Positive: How Political Partisanship Effects COVID-19 Vaccination Intentions
Lucas Gerald Pacheco Gomez-Doyle*  
*Recipient of the Capstone Award

Deploying authenticity in Ukrainian dining establishments 
Kateryna Korobkova

Class of 2021

Racialized sexual risk perceptions: Homophily and risk among men who have sex with men
Amina Basic 

Compliance and policing of COVID-19 public health guidelines by Abu Dhabi and Dubai residents
Lucas Davidenco 

The effects partisan value framing and symbolic racism on pro-environmental behavior
Hannah Kasak-Gliboff*  
*Recipient of the Capstone Award

How the East and West report: A qualitative study examining the relationship between peer monitoring tendencies and culture
Julia Tymoshenko  

Anti-Chinese sentiment in the United States amid the COVID-19 pandemic
Yao Xu*
*Recipient of the Capstone Award

Class of 2020

The impact of national service on the higher educational attainment of Emirati males
Fatma Al Rahma

Contributing factors and perceptions and attitudes to female labor force participation in Jordan
Ghena Haikal

Class of 2019

Promoting healthy living a case study of international schools in Abu Dhabi
Sana Amin

Predicting the success of cryptocurrencies: An economic model
Jakub Boros

Conceptualizations of Happiness in the United Arab Emirates
Alyazia Al Fahim

Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP): A miracle drug or a moral hazard?*
Filip Karan
*Recipient of the Capstone Award

Fairness and Trust in Human-Bot Interaction
Wendi Li

Class of 2018

The Massachusetts Opioid Epidemic: Course and Coverage
Hannah Taylor